Miquel and Leander are the faces behind the design duo Bluf.

Meet Miquel: "I’ve been mesmerised by art, interiors and design for as long as I can remember. I graduated from the Fashion Design program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2012. I went on to accrue experience at Essentiel, L'Oréal and ID&T, where I worked for Tomorrowland and on collaborations with Komono and New Era. Amongst other things, I’m a designer at Fast Fashion Partners and enjoy combining my commercial feeling with an innate sense of style and keen eye for detail." 

Meet Leander: "My sister and I enjoyed a happy childhood in Heusden-Zolder. As a young boy, I was fascinated by photography, film and art. I kept a scrapbook crammed with mementos, drawings and photos that I took myself or cut out from magazines. I also attended a local Children’s Art Academy. My parental home still showcases some of the work that I made there, including clay sculptures and paintings. I’m now able to harness my passion for contemporary and surrealist art in a professional capacity."

Check out Bluff's work on their social media channels:

WH0047 WH0047 swatch-zwart
Floral Wallpaper Wild Flowers
WallHaus x Bluf
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WH0044 WH0044 swatch-blauw
Design Wallpaper Ancient
WallHaus x Bluf
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WallHaus x Bluf

Miquel: "I love taking others with me on my journey, by creating interiors that are at times subtle, exhilarating, theatrical and romantic. Wallpaper is an ideal medium in that respect. Combining a variety of abstract and figurative elements with unexpected textures enables me to really energise a room."

Leander: "For me, wallpaper can serve as a relaxing backdrop or make an eye-catching statement. As a child, I was transfixed by patterns and loved concocting endless stories from them. I enjoy working with that same sense of narrative, humor and playfulness, as well as an air of calm."

WallHaus encourages us to color outside the lines.

We’re given free reign in the creative process, which is incredibly motivating. Quality takes precedence over quantity, and that’s a rarity in this sector.

Bluf's choice

Miquel: "Arc is my favourite design. Inspired by Villa Necchi, the arches invoke an almost sacred impression. In this design, I played with marble textures and subtle colors to create a sunny mood that makes a powerful statement."

Leander: "Wild Flowers. When I visit the 'Mauritshuis' museum in the Netherlands, I remain impressed by the work 'Vase with flowers' by Jan Davidsz de Heem. Not a stiff, dried up still life but a phenomenal explosion of flowers that illuminates the entire space. That's the same feeling I want to bring with my original design to a special place in people's homes."


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