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Your modern interior: minimalist chic

A modern interior is light, spacious and luxurious. The focus is on sleek, straight lines and neutral colours such as white, black or brown. You can use one bold colour to provide a surprising contrast. Chrome, stainless steel, leather, glass or wood are all popular materials for modern style interiors. This combination of shapes, colours and materials will transform your room into a sleek space. Your well-deserved oasis of tranquility.

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Modern wallpaper

Experiment with an accent colour or wall to break up the neutral colours of your modern interior. Do you want to bring that holiday feeling into your home? Get lost in pleasant thoughts of holidays past with the idyllic coastlines of our Riviera wallpaper. Perhaps you are a fan of the Elvis rock 'n roll vibe? Or want to give a nod to the baroque era with Vintage Twist? Go as far as you want with your choice of wallpaper. There are no limits as to what you can do.

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Modern furniture

Add contrast to your sleek and minimalist interior with high quality, eyecatching designer furniture. Your room will exude a real feeling of luxury with a statement piece such as a large lounge chair or rectangular coffee table.

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Modern interior decoration

Put the finishing touches to your room using sleek interior items. Opt for plain lines or luxurious materials when choosing accessories. Combine light and dark colours to really make your room stand out.

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