Your classic interior: all about comfort and homeliness

Do you prefer a timeless interior that never goes out of style? In that case a classic interior is right up your street. A mix of warm colours, soft fabrics and fine details creates an instant feeling of comfort and homeliness. Classic interiors make use of both light and darker colours, for example a combination of beige or grey with dark blue or burgundy. Accents in gold or copper will give the room that wow factor. Marble, velvet, leather or dark wood are typical modern materials that give your room that luxurious feel so that it becomes your favourite place to relax.

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Classic wallpaper

You will have plenty of wallpaper options in a classic interior. Would you like to transform your wall into a real eyecatcher? Opt for the beautiful flowers of Wild Flowers if you want to transform your wall into a real eyecatcher. Do you prefer to put the emphasis on your accessories? In that case, choose a simple print with a luxurious look such as Plain, Concreto or Wabi Sabi.

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Velvet furniture

Velvet is making a come-back and is used in pouffes, armchairs and cushions. This is no surprise as velvet is a lovely soft material that is easy to maintain and lends a chic look to a room. Have you decided to use a statement piece of furniture or eyecatching accessories? Opt for a bold colour. Velvet really stands out in ochre, rust of bright blue.

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Modern lighting

Bring your room to life with gold or copper lighting. The warm colours provide a beautiful ambiance to any space. Your lighting contributes to your classic and timeless interior in the same way as your velvet items and dark colours.

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