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Your industrial interior: sleek and rugged

Do you like interiors with a minimalist and stripped back look? An industrial interior exudes a feeling of space and tranquility. You can recognise this style by the materials that are used such as concrete, metal or brick. These materials, in combination with sleek lines and shapes is what give an interior that rugged look. Industrial design tends to use neutral colours such as black, grey, (camel) brown or army green. You can use these colours in a leather sofa or steel bookcase.

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Industrial wallpaper

Wallpaper with a raw finishing give your walls that industrial look. Do you want to create the ultimate loft vibe? The raw wood design from our Wood range will be the perfect backdrop. Or perhaps you prefer the brick look of New York, a rugged looking alternative. For something a little bit bolder, we suggest the copper panels of Penthouse.

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Industrial furniture

The motto 'less is more' applies when it comes to industrial design. No unnecessary details, just statement pieces of furniture or accessories. A factory lamp, display cabinet or a side table: choose rugged, high quality items with a hint of vintage. Steel is the perfect material for an industrial interior, whilst wood adds a touch of warmth.

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Industrial sofa

A prominent piece of furniture is a must in any sleek industrial interior. Choose a leather sofa, chair or dining chair that is a real eyecatcher. Leather is the perfect match for the robust look of your interior.

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